Our Children's Ministry exists to:


SHARE Christ with the kids of our community;

TEAM them with other Christians and ADVANCE them in their spiritual maturity;

helping them to RECOGNIZE their spiritual gifts and SURRENDER their lives to God.


Greg Marshall

Children's Pastor

(724) 946-2816  ext. 203



Mary Stubrich

Preschool Director

(724) 946-2816  ext. 209



Lori Marshall

Children's Ministry Assistant

(724) 946-2816  ext. 213

The Purpose Driven Game Plan

From looking at our site, you've probably picked up the fact that we use a baseball theme in our Kid's Ministry and we call ourselves All S.T.A.R.S.  There's a good reason for that --


First, we believe that every kid is an All STAR in God's eyes.

They are important and deserve a high-quality, life-changing program.


We use a variety of methods to share the gospel and encourage kids to grow spiritually. A typical week in our elementary program includes video, games, illusions, drama, high-energy music, storytelling, and much, much more. We want to celebrate God with the same energy that most people use at sporting events.


Secondly, we use a baseball diamond to illustrate and measure a child's spiritual journey. This gives parents a step-by-step plan to help their child take the next step in their spiritual lives.


Check out the plan HERE:


The first step in spiritual growth is getting in the game

The Children's Ministry of

New Life Baptist Church